Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ralph Nader Joins Influential Leaders Questioning Flouridation

The town of Fairbanks Alaska recently voted to ban flouridation of local water because there is already enough flouride in their water and added flouride would pose a risk to babies on formula. Flouride is also well documented to adversely affect populations with kidney disease and diabetes, and over 24 studies demonstrate excess flouride's association in lowering IQ in children. Andrew Young has come out against flouridation in Atlanta, Peter Vallone has introduced a bill to ban it in NYC, and now Ralph Nader has joined this crusade.

Fairbanks City Council Votes to End Practice of Adding Flouride to Communities Drinking Water

The 'Healthful' Drink That Can Damage Your Health

Flouride Debate Makes A Splash in New York

German E-Coli Outbreak: Accident or Planned “Genocide” for Organics?

If only I could discount the issues raised in this Farm Wars piece regarding the recent e Coli. outbreak in Europe, and the backlash it has generated against organics after they were blamed as the source of the deadly disease. Unfortunately, I have already heard calls for irradiating seeds and recognize that this poses a daunting threat to the entire natural and organic health food industry. There is compelling evidence that government agencies favor the biotech agenda over organic interests and a recent history of rulings against organic and natural foods providers on the part of the USDA and the FDA. Regarding the origins of the rare new e Coli. strain, there is very little intellectual curiosity in the mainstream about how exactly it came to be in existence, and we need to push for answers to the critical question of how the pathogen became resistant to eight classes of antibiotics, and how it managed to infect a sprouts farm in Germany.

America’s Energy Ethos: Do, Regardless of Harm

America's reckless push for more nuclear energy and massive natural gas fracking, rigorously embraced by the Obama Administration, is remarkably tone deaf in relation to the rest of the world. Our politicians enthusiastically sell these energy policies despite the blatant and overwhelming evidence that both technologies are unsafe and potentially devastating for the people of the planet. Japan and Germany have renounced nuclear energy in favor of more sustainable and less toxic and volatile sources. The National Assembly of France has banned fracking outright and South Africa has halted a major natural gas fracking project. The good ole US of A, meanwhile, breathlessly advocates for the great, unregulated Fracking Rush, threatening to poison drinking water and devastate farming, and wants to put little nuclear reactors all over the country despite the ongoing global contamination of the planet from the out-of-control reactors at Fukushima.

Despair Not

I've often wondered why I don't get more response and feedback from others on the admittedly dire reports that I've been posting on FB over the past several months. It's occurred to me that many people may simply tune out the information I am trying to disseminate because it's so dramatically contradictory and critical of mainstream belief systems, and can be overwhelming to contemplate. Not one person has challenged the data regarding health issues that I've posted, yet I'm not sure all that many people are actually reading it. There may well be a sense among many people that all of this noise I'm trying to make is idealistic but impractical, that things are too far gone to change. And so, many folks may despair at the possibility of contributing to any meaningful change or improvements in what I concede is a corrupted system that fails to truly put the public interest at the heart of public policy. This piece, from In These Times, employs a historical precedent from another era to illustrate the galvanizing effects that repression and injustice can bring to communities, and offers inspiration for tackling the devastating pollution and global warming that threaten all people, especially women and children, in our world today.

In Partial Victory Against GMOs, US Congress Bans FDA From Approving GM Salmon

Apparently, the only way for Congress, absent new legislation, to prevent an action by the FDA is to withhold funding from the agency. The House took this step, a first in US history, to protect wild salmon and human populations from contamination by a bioengineered salmon that contains pesticide and growth hormone genes that make it grow twice as fast as natural salmon.

House Votes to Block FDA Approval of Genetically Modified Salmon