Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Statement From Democratic Observer to Wisconsin Election Adds Skepticism to "Found" Votes for GOP

This statement from the Democratic observer to the Supreme Court election in Wisconsin suggests that she was kept in the dark about the magnitude of the "found" votes that could not only swing the election to the GOP's conservative candidate but also prevent a recount. The entire episode in Wisconsin suggests electoral fraud and I would like to see a federal investigation into the matter.

A detailed update on the emerging election scandal in Wisconsin.

Broadband money flows to House panel that opposed network neutrality

Telecoms want to control the Internet, free from FCC regulations, and are putting their lobbying and financial power behind the efforts to weaken or eliminate net neutrality laws.

Budget Deal Slashes Nutrition Assistance For Poor Women and Children, Boosts Defense Spending By $5 Billion

This story details a number of programs serving public health that will be cut if the current budget compromise is approved by Congress. While the defense budget increases by $5 billion there is nothing in the bill that will reduce unemployment or do anything to boost economic growth.

Here's a Real Democratic Budget that Serves the Interests of the American People

With all the noise about the federal budget coming out of DC, it's instructive to review the Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget which would sensibly serve the interests of the public.

Right-wing publisher: We run "some misinformation"

The influential right-wing journal, WorldNetDaily, regularly publishes falsehoods, many of which make it onto cable news shows.

Japan Raises Nuclear Crisis Level To Match Chernobyl

Independent media reports several weeks ago categorized the Japanese nuclear disaster as a 7, the highest rating in history and equivalent to Chernobyl. Now the Japanese nuclear regulators have admitted that these observers were correct. The bottom line in these catastrophic events is that you will never get the true measure of bad news in timely fashion from governments or industry, they are simply too concerned with preserving their status and reputations to tell it like it is. 

Propublica reports that the US healthcare system is unprepared for a major nuclear emergency, citing a Homeland Security internal study. This is an excellent well-researched piece of investigative reporting from the non-profit group dedicated to "journalism in the public interest."

Studies Say Natural Gas Has Its Own Environmental Problems

Two studies that planet-warming methane, the chief component of natural gas, is being released in large amounts into the atmosphere at drilling sites throughout the country. The rush to drill for natural gas and the adoption of hydrofracking have also resulted in contamination of rivers and water supplies with toxins and radioactive elements.