Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inside ALEC, The Koch-Funded Group Behind Right-Wing State Laws

More on ALEC, the right-wing sponsored American Legislative Exchange Council, and a host of specific legislation that's been developed and disseminated by this organization among conservative lawmakers. The Right is certainly well-organized and aggressive in pursuing its radical agenda. The goal is to reduce the power of public sector unions by curtailing their collective bargaining rights and ability to function as a political opposition to capital, and open the doors for privatization of services in big cities around the country. The rest of us better get with the game or we'll be very sorry indeed.,_the_koch-funded_group_behind_right-wing_state_laws/?utm

Investigate Murdoch's News Corp.? Nah.

Some members of Congress and other organizations are calling for a DOJ or Congressional investigation of News Corps conduct in its news gathering activities springing out of the revelation in Britain that Ruppert Murdoch's behemoth media company hacked into private communications in the search for scandalous news. The owner of Fox News and the WSJ could potentially be investigated for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in this case and also may be guilty of similar practices with regard to 9/11 victim's families. I'd love to see this media mogul under the glare of a full-blown investigation but there don't seem to be much will to investigate at this point.