Friday, May 20, 2011

Has Your Meat Been Glued Together?

A video of a British investigative report details the widespread practice of using meat glue, transglutaminase, to stick meat parts together so effectively they are sold as prime cuts. Beef, pork, chicken and lamb are routinely processed in this way, introducing dangerous bacteria into the meat you eat. The practice has been banned in the EU and several other countries but there's been very little coverage of this in the States.

Exposed - The Dirty Little Secret of the Meat Industry

The always-expanding bipartisan Surveillance State

All of the talk about privacy rights and the excessive surveillance authorized by the Patriot Act by Obama in his 2008 campaign was, it turns out, simply empty posturing on the part of the President. Under Obama, the administration has attacked whistleblowers, repeatedly reauthorized the Patriot Act, and expanded the ability of the FBI to collect data on American Internet communications. We are moving with great speed and zealous bi-partisan support into a national-surveillance state, that is, a police state.

In One Month, 214,399 Ohioans Sign Petition To Stop Kasich’s Anti-Worker Law

With two months left to collect signatures to force a referendum on Ohio's anti-labor laws, groups advocating for the rights of the working class have already garnered 93% of the required signatures. This is another sign that people have had enough of the extremist right-wing attack on workers and that the GOP may pay a spectacular price for overreaching in their push to crush protections for labor.

Accusing DSK of Sexual Assault Took Guts -- But Union Protection Is Essential

This is an interesting piece that focusses on the less salacious aspects of the DSK arrest in NYC by pointing out that it may be because of union job protection that the accuser was able to stand up and go public with rape charges against a powerful international figure. It makes a great point, that without the New York Hotel Trades Council union, the woman could have had her job taken away just for reporting the assault. Naturally, this would have been a strong dis-incentive to reporting the attack.

L.A. Times: Obama is throwing ‘the environment and public health under a bus’ to get reelected

President Obama's executive order to delay environmental regulations that might hinder economic growth, issued after the 2010 midterm elections, demonstrate that he is willfully putting politics ahead of good policy. For example, one delayed rule on industrial boiler efficiency would reportedly cost industry $1.4 billion a year though the gains for society, in terms of health benefits range from $22-$54 billion. Nonetheless, the President is eschewing good regulatory policy while pandering to the powerful polluters behind dirty coal and mountaintop coal removal industries at the expense of the environment and public health.

Flashback 2003: Romney Attacked Coal Jobs That "Kill People"