Saturday, November 19, 2011

NYPD blasting Occupy protesters with powerful military megaphone - LRAD

I first read about the Long Range Acoustic Device - LRAD - being used against American civilians as a crowd control tool during an event at Western Illinois University. LRADs have been used in war zones as a device to disorient combatants and also as a communications device. The NYPD possesses two of these weapons and reportedly used at least one of them on 11/15 when they cleared Zucotti Park of peaceful Occupy Wall Street protestors. These devices are capable of causing hearing loss and other ailments and surely should not be used against American citizens peacefully exercising their rights of assembly and free speech.

NY Police Using LRAD Sound Cannons Against Protesters

More detail on the use of LRAD by the NYPD.

Occupy Wall Street Crackdowns: Was The Federal Government Involved?

The NYPD and FBI are currently denying that the Feds provided training and guidance  to police forces seeking to remove protestors from the public square across America. This report indicates the involvement of the FBI and Homeland Security in the recent NYC actions, and any student of American history would not be surprised by such federal involvement in seeking to quell social unrest.

Keith Olbermann's Special Report on Mayor Bloomberg's Decision to Evict OWS Protesters