Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Obama Squandered the High Hopes of Those Who Elected Him

This AlterNet piece recounts the myriad ways in which President Obama has disappointed those who put him in office. Hopes of a transformational presidency have all but faded.

Obama's Original Sin - Frank Rich

#f@ckyouwashington hashtag takes Twitter by storm

An outpouring of resentment and anger at government policies erupted on Twitter recently as thousands of people expressed disgust with a wide array of issues including the bailouts, wars, healthcare reform, and genetically modified food. This is an exciting trend and, if it continues, could bring a lot of pressure to bear on politicians, particularly if the mainstream media picks it up. It also appears that Twitter is censoring the archives of tweets with the hashtag #f@ckyouwashington, which is a very disturbing form of censorship indeed.

Raw Story's breaking piece on the Twitter political trend.