Sunday, June 19, 2011

Despair Not

I've often wondered why I don't get more response and feedback from others on the admittedly dire reports that I've been posting on FB over the past several months. It's occurred to me that many people may simply tune out the information I am trying to disseminate because it's so dramatically contradictory and critical of mainstream belief systems, and can be overwhelming to contemplate. Not one person has challenged the data regarding health issues that I've posted, yet I'm not sure all that many people are actually reading it. There may well be a sense among many people that all of this noise I'm trying to make is idealistic but impractical, that things are too far gone to change. And so, many folks may despair at the possibility of contributing to any meaningful change or improvements in what I concede is a corrupted system that fails to truly put the public interest at the heart of public policy. This piece, from In These Times, employs a historical precedent from another era to illustrate the galvanizing effects that repression and injustice can bring to communities, and offers inspiration for tackling the devastating pollution and global warming that threaten all people, especially women and children, in our world today.

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