Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tax Revenues Plummet in 2010

These numbers reveal that incessant repetition of GOP tax-cutting rhetoric is not only disingenuous and misleading but also malicious and destructive. The misinformation campaign is relentless and insidious and has taken hold through disciplined message control by way of a compliant corporate media. The GOP strategy for years has been to "starve the beast" and they are doing it by creating a revenue problem through persistent tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. This is forcing state budget crises throughout the nation, resulting in layoffs and reduced services. Democrats are guilty of the taxation ruse as well but the GOP has made it the cornerstone of their game.

Germany's Solar Panels Produce More Power Than Fukushima Nuclear Complex

Germany is the world leader in installed photovoltaic panels and they also just shut down seven of their oldest nuclear reactors. Of course, France is still a huge supporter of nuclear power...

The Dangers of Whistleblowing in India

11 Right To Information activists have been killed over the past couple of years in India. This story speaks to the power and importance of information transparency, as well as our collective obligation to protect whistleblowers in the US.

The article above doesn't go into the devastating effect that Industrial Ag and Monsanto's GM seeds have had on Indian agriculture, something that has spurred over 5,000 suicides. I've provided a link to this story here.
Industrial Agricultural and its' chemically intensive applications have wreaked havoc and spurred cancer claims in farming communities throughout India.

Indian farmers accuse Monsanto of pushing cotton "Seeds of Death."

Tallest Skyscraper in the US to Become a Vertical Solar Farm

The former Sears Tower, now the Willis in Chicago, will be retrofitted with new solar technology in the form of transparent glass windows that generate energy that will be used to operate the building.

Strong Plurality of Michiganders Want to Amend State Constitution to Protect Collective Bargaining Rights

In Michigan just 10% of the electorate can place an amendment to the state's constitution on the ballot.

Watchdog Demands DOJ Release Records of DeLay Investigation

I'd love to see what's in those documents and hope the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics suit somehow prevails. I recently watched Casino Jack-The United States of Money, a documentary by the prolifically talented Alex Gibney, and it had a major segment on the unscrupulous 'Hammer.'

The Law for Big Bankers Is Different than for the Rest of Us

The bankers are gaming the system in business as usual.

Bingaman Tells The Truth About Gas Prices, Is Lonely Doing So

Puts all the hoopla about US policies impacting gasoline prices to rest.

The Republicans Big Lies About Jobs (And Why Obama Must Repudiate Them

Reich hits on a lot of familiar rhetoric coming from the GOP and refutes them all.

Settling the Afghan War

It's time to bring our troops home and negotiate an end to the war in Afghanistan. I watched the documentary, Restrepo, recently and that brought the war much closer to home in these days of media control of images from American battlefields.

"The US Chamber of Commerce Doesn't Speak for Me" - Small Businesses Take A Stand

A scathing historical review of the anti-regulatory activity and lobbying of the US Chamber of Commerce. Fascinating piece.