Saturday, September 3, 2011

Science Stunner: Editor of Journal that Published Flawed Denier Bunk Apologizes, Resigns, Slams Spencer for Exaggerations

This is a very interesting piece about the manipulated science and false claims behind climate denier attempts to debunk established science on global warming. In this case a journal published and, after public criticisms through discussion groups, lifted a position paper that broke all the rules for credible research and analysis.

Stung by the President on Air Quality, Environmentalists Weigh Their Options

This follow-up to the Obama Administration's recent actions offers a glimmer of hope for the strong-willed and passionate citizens committed to sustained activism on environmental issues. The undeniable evidence that the President is weak on pollution and climate change has led to a determination on the part of environmental groups to fight through sustained public action and lawsuits to force the government to comply with existing statutes and to institute more stringent regulations to protect public health and counter climate change. No progressive legislation has ever been accomplished without a fight and it's clear that the Administration cannot be trusted to do what they have promised to do.

Nuclear Expert Says Fukushima Radiation Coming to USA, Massive Cover-up Under Way

The US government has not been vigilantly testing for radiation fallout from Fukushima, and estimates have been systematically scaled back in an effort to calm public fears from the dangers of the disaster. There are significant long-term risks from elevated radiation levels that are currently hard to quantify because the Japanese and American governments are politically committed to downplaying the event. Isn't it odd that these reactors continue to leak radiation, and that massive amounts of radioactive water continue to be dumped into the Pacific Ocean, but there is next to zero coverage of the issue in the mainstream media? If politics nuclear energy were not influencing government's handling of this catastrophe, wouldn't we be hearing more about the continuing radiation releases and coverage about methods to mitigate danger from increased radiation levels in our food, water and air?

Farm Wars posted this 60-minute video featuring nuclear expert Dr. Michio Kaku on the long-term fallout and health risks posed by radiation leaking from the three reactors that melted down in Japan.

Is the Obama Administration Putting Corporate Profits Above Public Health?

The before and after picture above compelling demonstrates the horror of the tar sand coal mines that Obama has embraced by approving the Keystone pipeline project. Robert Redford lays it all out in a crisp and passionate report.