Monday, April 11, 2011

Unraveling the Spin on the Fight Over Hidden Debit Card Fees

Propublica reports on the hidden debit card fee debate, including competing claims from the Federal Reserve and the Banking industry about whether the fees are on the rise.

Democrats are fighting back in Ohio

"Reuters reported that State Representatives Mike Foley and Robert Hagan’s bill would allow “Ohio voters to undertake a recall effort if they gather petition signatures of voters equal to 15 percent of the total votes for governor or in a particular legislative district in the last election.”
15 percent of the vote is a much higher threshold than in Wisconsin for forcing a recall but the proposed law does give voters effective recourse if they believe elected officials are not acting in the public interest. Ohio law also provides for a referendum on any passed law if enough signatures are gathered.

The Right-Wing Bullies Have Been Emboldened -- They'll Hold the Nation Hostage Unless Obama Takes a Stand

It would be nice if Obama could stand up and reorder the debate, and soon. The fact that the Democrats have gone along with the GOP narrative, that government spending is the problem, is stunning and also very disappointing.'ll_hold_the_nation_hostage_unless_obama_takes_a_stand/?utm_