Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Next Big Thing In Industry: Water Profiteering

Executive Director of Food & Water Watch, Wenonah Hauter, reports on industry's plans to privatize water around the world after attending GlobalWater Summit 2011. Some of the distressing details highlighted include the push to sell water in lieu of investment in government maintenance of water systems that would guarantee access to such a basic necessity of life, and an example of a secret privatization deal for water in Berlin that increased the cost of water by 35% with decreased service and quality.

Docs on Pharma Payroll Have Blemished Records, Limited Credentials

I will be posting several links to reporting on the pharmaceutical industry's unethical behavior in promoting its drugs and downplaying side effects as well as natural remedies that are currently available to the public. Efforts are underway to undercut the availability of herbal remedies, shown to be effective in numerous studies for various diseases, by Bog Pharma and also the FDA. Resistance is currently building in Europe to EU efforts to sharply reduce availability of safe and natural medicinal herbs (European THMPD - Traditional Herbal Medicinal Product Directive), and enforcement actions have been taken against natural health companies in the US on the part of the FDA. This story concerns only the unscrupulous methods that drug companies use to legitimize their drugs and garner patients, and it comes from the rock-solid investigative journalism organization ProPublica.

EU Successfully Undermines Ireland as GMO-free Zone

This post was from March and demonstrates that the situation in Ireland is very much in flux despite those who want to force a moratorium on GM crops on the island nation. It appears the EU is an aggressive promoter of GMOs despite the labeling victory in Europe and the concerns of the public.

The Archives: Japan Quake 2011

BagNewsNotes.com is a photo-journalism site with an activist passion that posts incredible images on hosts of issues and scenes from around the globe. This link is one of the various archive collections and provides dozens of compelling and chilling images from the Fukushima nuclear disaster zone.

President Obama Gives Berth… to Industry

This Food & Water Watch bulletin documents how the Obama Administration has fast-tracked biotech GE crops and GE salmon without conducting thorough safety and environmental impact studies, and has given the green light to widespread natural gas fracking despite vocal opposition and concerns for health and drinking water supplies related to the hydraulic fracturing technique.

CDC research scientist who downplayed autism link to vaccines indicted by DOJ for fraud and money laundering

News of this criminal indictment comes from NaturalNews.com, the fourth largest alternative media site and a courageous voice on the Internet. Edited by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, this site covers issues rarely reported in the mainstream that raise serious issues about the agenda of various regulatory agencies, such as CDC and FDA. This investigative report puts the integrity of Poul Thorson's widely published research in doubt in the course of illuminating the revolving door ties that CDC has with pharma and the vaccine industry.

Wal-Mart -- It's Alive! How the Company Is Terrorizing the Country With its Corporate 'Personhood'

This is a great piece by Barbra Ehrenreich as she seeks to define what sort of 'person' Wal-Mart could be.

Public School Teachers and Their Unions Are Under Attack -- Here's How We Can Save Them

Teachers unions are under attack all over the country, an assault designed to weaken the rights of public education as it strips unions of collective bargaining rights and pushes the privatized charter schools agenda.