Monday, May 30, 2011

Wik-Bee Leaks: EPA Document Shows It Knowingly Allowed Pesticide That Kills Honey Bees

The reckless collusion of federal regulators and their industry 'clients' seems to know no bounds. In this case, administrators have allowed a pesticide to be used commercially since 2003 that EPA scientists knew was toxic to honey bees, thereby threatening the longterm viability of agricultural crops worldwide.

There's a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Deal With a Jobs Crisis -- Why Is Germany Doing It So Well?

The US was harder hit by the Great Recession than most industrialized countries. Unemployment in America soared to the third highest level in the western world, behind Spain and Ireland. In Germany, unemployment actually went down and there are specific labor and employment policies that helped that country weather the downturn.'s_a_right_way_and_a_wrong_way_to_deal_with_a_jobs_crisis_--_why_is_germany_doing_it_so_well/?utm

In Reversal, Germany to Close Nuclear Plants by 2022

This is a dramatic development in the wake of Fukushima and demonstrable evidence that nuclear energy cannot truly be harnessed safely. The political activism of German citizens opposed to continued investment in nuclear energy forced the government to adopt this new sweeping program to develop sustainable alternative energy sources as a national strategy. Unfortunately, we are a long way from making that same commitment here is the US of A.

GOP is No Friend to Military Members Struggling During Recession

The patriotic hypocrisy of politicians across the board is belied by their actions and deeds when it comes to voting and advocating the well-being of the men and woman of the military. They may weep in public ceremonies but they too often will not raise some hell or lift a finger to provide safeguards and services that would benefit military families.

Don't Believe in Conspiracy Theories? Read This About Facebook

This story is not earth shattering but it provides important insight into the surreptitious methods used by companies to discredit competitors. The piece also explores the technical meaning of a 'conspiracy' and urges readers not to blindly dismiss theories but rather to examine the factual basis behind various allegations. Many 'conspiracy theories' have been proven true over time.

This Wired report is from 2010 but provides interesting background on FB's use and sale of user's personal information.

TEPCO Now Admits that Three Fukushima Reactors Have Melted With Large Holes in Containment Vessels

The poor decisions and lack of critical information provided to the public by TEPCO and the Japanese government have resulted in massive radiation releases and a worsening situation there. The industry/regulator coziness that exists in Japan, and undeniably in the US as well, puts public health in a precarious position by subjecting populations to unreasonable risk of radiation contamination from malfunctions and emergencies at nuclear energy plants.