Saturday, July 23, 2011

Would the FDA let raw milk politics influence its food safety alerts?

I was very pleased to see this story in Grist about a curious action against a raw milk club by the  FDA, because it is part of a nationwide assault by the agency against all forms of unadulterated food, vitamins and supplements. I have posted a number of stories in which the FDA took aggressive and forceful action against natural foods companies, and recently heard a story that the agency forced a child, against the emphatic wishes of his mother, to undergo chemotherapy treatments for cancer. The attacks on natural foods by the FDA are mirrored by the agency's persecution of alternative medical treatments and is motivated by a culture that plainly seeks to promote and protect industrial pharma and agriculture interests.

Former Executives Describe Organized Espionage Inside Fox News

Allegations by a former Fox executive who helped launch the conservative propaganda media outlet suggests that the network run by Roger Ailes, a political operative from the Reagan era, hacked into competitors communications and routinely read emails from employees. The network denies these charges but the FBI is investigating whether News Corp employees hacked into 9/11 victim families private phones and, as apples don't fall far from the tree, I wouldn't be surprised if Fox has engaged in similarly unethical and despicable activities.

Pressure on Murdochs Mounts in Hacking Scandal