Friday, April 29, 2011

Armed agents invade Maxam Nutraceutics and steal natural health products in shocking FDA raid

It's becoming clear that a war is being waged against natural health remedies as evidenced by the effort to make the growing of medicinal herbs illegal in Europe as I posted a few days ago, and the alarming and unjustified SWAT-style raid and seizures perpetrated against Maxum Nutraceutics recently. It appears in this case that the FDA and FBI are doing the pharmaceutical industry's dirty work.

Median U.S. household income fell 5% between 1999 and 2009. Globalization remains the core problem

An enduring era of stagnant or declining wages has become the reality for most Americans. The numbers and analysis presented here tell much of the distressing story.

All the Reasons Petraeaus Should Not Head the CIA

This is a thoughtful and detailed essay examining how the General's performance as commander in Iraq and Afghanistan presents conflicts with intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA, that raise serious concerns about his nomination to head the agency. Very interesting reading.

A More Militarized CIA for a More Militarized America

How Tea Partiers in Congress Are Doing Their Corporate Masters' Bidding

This AlterNet piece from Jim Hightower blows the lid off  Tea Party Republican's populist mythology by illustrating a stream of lobbying pressure and cash that directly translated into the active promotion of the big business agenda.'_bidding/?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzRss&utm_campaign=alternet_news

‘Daily Show’: Bernie Sanders, No Chaser

Senator Bernie Sanders, the longest serving Independent in Congressional history, with serious straight talk on The Daily Show.

Reuters: Warren associates considered for consumer agency job - Daily Show appearance

Elizabeth Warren is a dynamic plain-spoken law professor and advocate for the financial rights of consumers, fierce Wall Street critic, and a remarkably effective administrator who did a superb job in setting up Obama's new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She faced off gamely against GOP legislators in Congress who want to weaken or kill funding for the bureau, and there is considerable consensus that Warren should be appointed to lead the CFPB.

Watch Elizabeth Warren tell it like it is on The Daily Show - it'll be music to your ears!