Thursday, February 2, 2012

We'll Frack Alberta's Next Election, Vow Landowners

Exemptions to environmental laws to allow fracking have already caused enormous contamination damage to groundwater throughout North America. This piece details what's going on in Alberta, and the political backlash gaining steam there.

Repeal HPV Vaccine for Girls—Not a Dream: Commonwealth of Virginia House of Delegates Passed Such a Bill

Virginia, the first state to require the HPV vaccine for young girls is now the first to repeal the requirement, because of major and life-threatening adverse reactions.

‘Gasland’ director arrested for filming in Congress

Josh Fox has really been working hard to keep the heat, and the camera, on the fracking industry and its Congressional pals. Hopefully this incident, in which representatives denied credentials to ABC and Fox to shoot a public hearing, will backfire on the Oil & Gas industry and its GOP apologists.