Sunday, June 19, 2011

America’s Energy Ethos: Do, Regardless of Harm

America's reckless push for more nuclear energy and massive natural gas fracking, rigorously embraced by the Obama Administration, is remarkably tone deaf in relation to the rest of the world. Our politicians enthusiastically sell these energy policies despite the blatant and overwhelming evidence that both technologies are unsafe and potentially devastating for the people of the planet. Japan and Germany have renounced nuclear energy in favor of more sustainable and less toxic and volatile sources. The National Assembly of France has banned fracking outright and South Africa has halted a major natural gas fracking project. The good ole US of A, meanwhile, breathlessly advocates for the great, unregulated Fracking Rush, threatening to poison drinking water and devastate farming, and wants to put little nuclear reactors all over the country despite the ongoing global contamination of the planet from the out-of-control reactors at Fukushima.

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