Monday, September 5, 2011

How Bad is the Drought in Texas, Really?

Mike adams, who lives in Austin, reports on the Texas drought for Natural News, and puts forth several initiatives that would mitigate future droughts and help build more sustainable soil for farming in that critically arid state.

Good Jobs

On Labor Day we should all reflect on the current anti-labor agendas being pushed in a number of states designed to strip collective bargaining right from workers and strengthen the position of corporations and industry at the expense of working Americans. While the USA is still considered a wealthy country its population is becoming poorer and increasingly unemployed. The dialogue is off the mark in Washington and it's clear that massive jobs programs, in the form of infrastructure investment, is the key to ending the recession and reigniting economic growth. Unions are not the problem in America but rather its the reckless profit-driven corporations and their political enablers who are ripping out the heart and soul of our democracy and co-opting the American Dream.