Sunday, April 3, 2011 Joins Investigative News Network

INN, a network of more than 50 nonprofit, nonpartisans news outlets dedicated to in-depth, investigative journalism, has teamed up with an organization dedicated to tracking and reporting on the influence of money in politics.

OpenSecrets Mailbag: Corporate donations, Union influence and more...

Ohio Voters Have 90 Days To Stop Gov. Kasich’s Anti-Worker Bill

Opponents of the severe bill stripping collective bargaining rights in Ohio need only 6% of voter's signatures to force a referendum in November.

What’s the Worst Thing the Koch Brothers Have Done?

Climate denial? Oil Spills? Anti-worker, anti-healthcare, anti-immigration? Foreclosures? This piece presents a summary of all the greatest hits from the Koch Brothers label.’s-worst-thing-koch-brothers-have-done

"Citizens for a Strong America" Operates out of a UPS Mail Drop but Runs Expensive Ads in Supreme Court Race?

Koch backed group funds an TV ad attack on JoAnne Klopenburg in the Supreme Court battle in Wisconsin. The pivotal election will be held on Tuesday.

The Deficit Hawks Are Targeting Nurses and Firefighters

"The wealth redistributed to the top 1 percent over the last 30 years is roughly enough to double the income of all those in the bottom half of the distribution."

2nd Try At Sealing Japan Nuke Leak Still Not Working

An update on continuing efforts to contain highly radioactive water from the disabled nuclear power plants at Fukushima. It could take 'months' to these leaks that are continuing to contaminate the Pacific ocean waters near the disaster site.

Japan's attempt to plug leaking reactor fails.

Baseball Hall of Fame Opposes Fracking in Cooperstown

The Chamber of Commerce in Cooperstown adopted a resolution against fracking in February, condemning the practice as unsafe and destructive. Now, the Baseball Hall of Fame has made the fight against fracking an official cause of that institution. This is good news for those concerned with the documented hazards of the toxic fracking practice that is compromising drinking water quality around the nation.

“Like the Chamber of Commerce and virtually every other area business, the Museum concludes that hydrofracking could present an unacceptable risk to the local environment, the economy and the quality of life for both local residents and tourists.”

Collective bargaining law on hold until legislators testify

The restraining order on implementing the collective bargaining restrictions that the GOP is attempting to pass in Wisconsin has be extended by Judge Sumi. It may not be resolved until four Republican legislators named as defendants in the lawsuit testify, but they are claiming immunity.

Democrats say goal met in on Kapanke recall in Wisconsin.

Think energy efficiency isn’t working? Think again

A study shows that total energy use in the US is about the same from 1978 to 2005, despite a population increase of 33 percent. With population growth factored in the per capita energy consumption has been dramatically reduced due to a host of conservation and efficiency initiatives.

Rightwing think tank subpoenas Michigan professors' emails

The Right clearly has a new agenda: to attack its critics in academia through freedom of information requests designed to silence and intimidate. These tactics first arose in Wisconsin when the GOP there targeted University of Wisconsin Professor Cronon, and now we are seeing the same thing in Michigan as they are going after at least three labor studies faculty from universities in that state.

The Breakdown: Are Antitrust Laws a Thing of the Past?

A transcript of a discussion focused on anti-trust laws and why they are no longer adequate in breaking down monopoly powers. It also turns out, interestingly in this piece, that the American Revolution was driven by opposition to commercial monopolization.