Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bruce Babbitt Says Congress, Led By GOP House, Has ‘Declared War On Our Land, Water And Natural Resources,’ Then Slams White House ‘Munchkins’ For Bartering Away Public Lands

The former Secretary of the Interior delivered a scathing speech at the National Press Club attacking the Congressional GOP and the Obama White for ransacking the environment and public lands in blind support of industry at the terrible expense of the public interest. It's good to see some fire and passion on this topic!

From Dodd-Frank to Dud: How Financial Reform May Be Going Wrong

Implementation of the Dodd-Frank financial reforms is running into problems due to the fact that Congress left it to regulators to write many of the most contentious regulations. In April regulatory agencies missed all 26 deadlines, and there are regulators and politicians who are now advocating to weaken some of the most important features of the reform law.

Russ Feingold Leads Thousands in Budget Protest at Wisconsin Capitol

An update on the scene in Wisconsin where former Senator Russ Feingold seems to be a possible challenger to Scott Walker in the next gubernatorial election, and inspiring protests against fundamentally unfair budget cuts attacks on labor and the middle class continue.

Twitter the Winner in Weinergate

Perspective from PR Watch on Weinergate and what it says about the power of Twitter to spread all things, good and bad, like wildfire. Of course, this scandal and all the hoopla is a major distraction from the pressing issues that face the nation and yet another emphatic confirmation that salacious news rules the media.

In Fight Over Debit Card Fees, a Loss for the Banks

Yay! The banks finally lose a point in the ongoing battle to bring their business under control and better protect the rights and interests of consumers. In this case, the Senate refused a motion to delay implementation of a Dodd-Frank law to reduce debit card fees charged to merchants. This is a step in the right direction.

Clarence Thomas' Legal Challenges Continue to Build -- Will the Next Come From Congress?

This is the first I've heard about it but Anthony Weiner and other Congressional Democrats are said to be preparing demands that Thomas by disbarred in Missouri for perjury and investigated by the DOJ for bribery. Wow! I certainly hope that Weiner can weather the calls for his resignation and help press this issue forward. The bombshell bribery charge includes the allegation that a $100k ad campaign from Citizen's United during his 1991 confirmation was repaid in his ruling for the conservative group in Citizen's United vs. FEC. I don't think we want to lose Anthony Weiner's voice in Congress.

For those of you who missed Weiner's shouting match with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, here's the link.