Friday, April 15, 2011

Koch-Fueled Controversy Lands in Washington

More nonsense concerning attacks on workers and pension funds as the culprit in America's financial woes. This is a deliberate misinformation campaign that seeks to distract Americans from the tremendous revenue imbalance in which the wealthy and corporations do not pay their fair share of taxes into the operating budget of the country, and to further stigmatize the working man as the root of all of troubles. It's absurd and dishonest and people need to realize that they are being manipulated into a dialogue that misses the larger issues driving the budget crisis.

Only one representative had the courage tackle Wall Street head on. Rep. Elijah Cumnings (D-Maryland) said, “This recession was not caused by working Americans. Firefighters, teachers and nurses were not responsible for the reckless actions on Wall Street … It is shameful to play politics with middleclass families –- we should be helping these workers, not attacking them they are the engine of our economy.”

Financial regulators failed. Crooks went unpunished. Uh-huh. But what will be done about it?

More than two years after massive fraud in the banking industry led to the Great Recession and the bailout of "too big to fail" players in the financial industry, very few cases have been referred for criminal prosecution. This is a situation in stark contrast with the Savings & Loan scandal in the 90's when over 1,800 cases were forwarded by bank regulators to the DOJ for prosecution.

1 in 4 Supermarket Meat Samples Tainted With Drug-Resistant Bacteria

The US food supply is increasingly being compromised by drug resistant bacteria and E Coli and other health hazards. It is dangerous for all of us and may well result in a major epidemic of sickness and death among Americans who currently trust government and industry to safeguard public health. Yet the regulators continue to play russian roulette with the people's health and our food safety standards lag far behind much of the world. We should all be alarmed by this report and open our eyes to the possibility, or probability, that new drug-resistant diseases will result from the widespread use of antibiotics in our food supply.

EU herb law challenge

Big Pharma is seeking to make it illegal to grow natural medicinal herbs in the EU and elsewhere around the world. If people do not resist this effort in large numbers then natural herbs that have been used for thousands of years will be unavailable for many, leaving only pharmaceutical options for the treatment of maladies. Please sign the petition.

Here is the petition site:

Yes Men, US Uncut Behind GE Hoax

The hoax, picked up by the AP, put GE in the embarrassing position of having to confirm that they did not agree to return the $ 3.2 billion refund. or tax benefit, they received from the government in 2010.

AP and USA Today Fall for GE Tax Repayment Hoax

That's what it means to be a Democrat

This review of Obama's speech on the budget controversy reveals some much needed vision for more sensible policy and a reduction in the growing inequality gap. Let's hope that Obama can follow through on his lofty words.

Is Obama Hijacking - or Reinforcing - the GOP's One Big Idea?

Walker And Prosser Crushed Regulations On Koch Industry’s Phosphorus Pollution In Wisconsin

The Koch brothers agenda goes far beyond the current attack on collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin, as this ThinkProgress report on activities to de-regulate dangerous phosphorous pollution makes clear. The blind drive for profit in the US all too often results in reckless practices that destroy our environment and put people's health at risk.

New Report: Topsoil Loss Worse than Previously Thought

The Agribusiness farming model is wreaking havoc on the nation's rich topsoil and also contaminating huge swaths of our water supply, because the herbicides that are liberally sprayed on our crops are exempted from Clean Water Act regulations.

Big Ag is Pissing Away Our Nation's Rich Topsoil

USDA Certified Organic Milk NOT Tested for Radiation Contamination

The lax regulatory environment of the US food supply is in evidence once again, as the government refuses to test our milk supply for radiation despite reports of elevated levels, above EPA standards, resulting from the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan.

Should some pesticides be banned to protect bees? A USDA scientist dances around the question

Over-reliance on pesticide use in farming is creating a host of serious problems, including an annual colony collapse disorder in the US that results in the die-off of significant portions of the bee population each year.

Fracking nightmare destroys small farmers

"As if we didn’t have enough problems with the fake food safety bill, a genetically modified food takeover by the USDA’s terrorist arm Monsanto, chemtrails dumping aluminum, barium, and strontium on farmland, and Japan’s radioactivity spreading across the country, now we have a huge fracking (hydrolic fracture mining) nightmare that is threatening to destroy our farmland with poisoned water."

The fracking process involves pumping millions of gallons of water, sand, and over 900 toxic chemicals thousands of feet underground to release tiny pockets of gas by literally breaking up the rock where the gas is trapped. The method has been compared to exploding a pipe bomb deep underground. Chemicals used in the process are kept secret from the public, medical professionals, and even regulators, because fracking is exempt from key provision of the Safe Drinking Water Act. The exemption, which was granted in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, has been dubbed “the Halliburton Loophole” because Halliburton pioneered the fracking process, and then-Vice President (and former CEO of Halliburton) Dick Cheney was heavily involved in setting the Bush administration’s energy policy.