Saturday, April 16, 2011

HydroFracking Chemicals Were Injected Into Wells in 13 States

Oil and gas companies injected hundreds of millions of gallons of hazardous or carcinogenic chemicals into wells in more than 13 states from 2005 to 2009, according to an investigation by Congressional Democrats. This is criminal behavior on the part of drilling companies and should be vigorously prosecuted. Instead, the political establishment enthusiastically supports hydrofracking at great cost to public health and the environment. The laws must change to make corporations criminally liable for deliberate practices that poison millions of people.

The False Debate on the Debt

This article pointedly focuses on what the real problems are vis-a-vis the budget and the overall state of things in the US of A. Abusive corporate power is the culprit and Robert Scheer persuasively identifies how this force has greedily ransacked the country.

Radioactivity rises in sea off Japan nuclear plant

Levels of radioactivity have risen sharply in seawater near a tsunami-crippled nuclear plant in northern Japan, signaling the possibility of new leaks at the facility, the government said Saturday.

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Prosser ahead by 7,316 in final tally

The Kloppenburg campaign can request a recount by Wednesday in the hotly contested Wisconsin Supreme Court election.,316-in-final-tally?utm_