Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wal-Mart's Washington Shock Doctrine

Wal-Mart is making an all-out push to open four stores in the DC area that would have a ruinous effect on the city's recent renaissance. This is a lengthy yet humorously written column that calls for communities to fiercely resist the wage and job depressing, ruthless giant retailer.

Walmart Won't Fix New York, New Yorkers Will

Whole Foods Market Caves to Monsanto

This is from January and it spells bad news for the fight against GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in our food supply. Apparently 'natural' foods are allowed to contain GMOs whereas certified organic foods are GMO-free. Over 90% of the public in several surveys favor labeling foods that contain GMOs but Whole Foods and Organic Valley have now agreed to cease lobbying against products which are not required to be safety tested.

For more detail on these issues click on the Organic Consumers Association/Millions Against Monsanto link under Causes and Activism to the right.

Post-Japan Disaster, Legislators Dish Out Pro-Nuclear Spin

We need to have a fact-based and rigorous review of nuclear energy in this country, and resist the laissez-faire assurances of political leaders with long-standing ties to the nuclear industry.

WikiLeaks and the First Amendment

The political establishment appears to be very serious about prosecuting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. WikiLeaks, meanwhile, appears to be repositioning the organization, moving away from anarchism and embracing a more journalistic identity perhaps to strengthen their First Amendment rights in legal confrontations. The article also raises the question of whether the Obama Administration might have had something to do with Sweden's bizarre and highly unusual action in charging and attempting to extradite Assange, right after WikiLeaks released thousands of classified documents relating to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The reversals of support by PayPal, Amazon and Visa may also have been a response to political pressures from the government. Without transparency we may never know...

Pennsylvania Limits Authority of Oil and Gas Inspectors

This GOP Governor Corbett seems reckless to the extreme regarding environmental safety and seems to be hellbent on protecting the rapacious natural gas extraction that's taking place in Pennsylvania. One would think that the Feds could step in if a state's action put the population at risk by allowing potentially catastrophic pollution of the water supply for major cities like Pittsburgh.

While Nuclear Waste Piles up in U.S., Billions in Fund to Handle It Sit Unused

A 1982 law created a $24 billion fund to develop a permanent solution for dealing with spent nuclear fuel but no solutions have yet been approved after the Yucca mountain plan was sidetracked. Meanwhile the money cannot be used for remedial solutions to deal with fuel rods that are sitting in pools across the nation. We need to get some action on this issue and start dealing responsibly with these dangerous materials.

Obama's "Secret" Climate Adaptation Plan

Obama tells the government to prepare for climate change, whether Congress likes it or not.