Monday, May 16, 2011

The Man Behind Citizens United Is Just Getting Started

Some fascinating background on the Citizens United case and the attorney behind it all.

Mobile phones soon required to receive, display White House propaganda messages

Apparently, in 2012, cell phones under Verizon and ATT will automatically send alert messages from the White House to private mobile phones. This should be troubling for Americans who are familiar with the unreliability of news that emanates from our government. Just think back to the buildup for war in Iraq and all of the misinformation put out into the public discourse by the Bush Administration during that time. Natural News extrapolates how this precedent can be extended to the Internet as well, to a time when your Google request could be automatically routed to the White House page even if you're not trying to get there. A useful bit of information in the story points out that you can bypass such maneuvering if you know the IP address of the sites you are trying to visit. While the article riffs on many worst-case scenarios of information and Internet access abuse, the speculation is realistic, in my view, and points to the importance of Net Neutrality laws and other legal protections that will be critical in maintaining the openness of the Internet in the future.

Feds Unveil Emergency Mobile Alert System in NYC

Greeks mobilise to protect endangered seeds

Greece has stopped growing a form of GM corn that was approved for the EU. Since 1995, a former pesticide salesman has been collecting traditional seed that goes back generations to maintain the plant and crop diversity that is key to Greece's agricultural heritage. Monsanto and other biotechs continue to mount legal pressure on the EU to allow more GM varieties but, so far, the EU has refused these pressures and stated that there is no benefit in allowing these crops.

Buyer Beware: Why Advertisers Should Still Be Wary Of Financially Supporting Fox News

A Media Matters report on the advertisers that fled Glenn Beck's show and how Fox News continues to air extremist commentary in its other offerings.