Tax Fairness

End Tax Breaks for Profitable Corporations
Bernie Sanders calls on Corporate America to pay their fair share of taxes and for the government to stop giving tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas. Hopefully we will hear more and more about this until the laws are finally rewritten.

Ten Big Corporate Tax Breaks, and Who Benefits

"Shared Sacrifice" Is Rhetoric for Regressive Taxes in Michigan
Budget cuts throughout the nation purport to be about everybody pitching in to get out of the crisis, but it's really about business as usual. This means cutting services for people while maintaining massive corporate subsidies, allowing corporations to avoid their rightful tax burden, tax cuts for the wealthiest and, yes, incremental tax increases for the poor and middle class. 

Here's a piece from The Nation that explores the ongoing class war against the poor in general, and African-Americans in particular, that is fueled by budget cuts and the reduction of social programs around the country. 

Fed: Household Wealth Plummets 23% in Two Years
This survey begs the question as to why spending cuts are being forced on an economy that is already strapped for disposable income and high unemployment. We needs jobs programs, not tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. The current policies may well make this recession worse, as is happening in Britain.

Corporate Interests Try to Split American Workers for Political and Economic Gain
The attack on public sector workers continues as corporate interests, such as the Koch front group Americans for Prosperity, fund campaigns designed to undermine support of union workers. The effort is dually motivated; to weaken union support of Democrats in elections, and to open the door for more privatization of services. There's a fascinating section about the 'divide and conquer' strategies developed by Philip Morris back in 1996, when they set out to weaken collective opposition and fomenting infighting by "enhancing internal conflicts" between the American Lung, Cancer and Heart Associations.

GE's Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether

Corporations now pay only 6.6% of all US tax receipts, down from 30% in the 1950's. GE expects to get a tax benefit of $3.2 Billion for 2010 due to its aggressive strategies in pursuing loopholes and influencing legislation. No wonder we have such revenue problems in the country these days! 

Tax Revenues Plummet in 2010
These numbers reveal that incessant repetition of GOP tax-cutting rhetoric is not only disingenuous and misleading but also malicious and destructive. The misinformation campaign is relentless and insidious and has taken hold through disciplined message control by way of a compliant corporate media. The GOP strategy for years has been to "starve the beast" and they are doing it by creating a revenue problem through persistent tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. This is forcing state budget crises throughout the nation, resulting in layoffs and reduced services. Democrats are guilty of the taxation ruse as well but the GOP has made it the cornerstone of their game.

Three States Propose Massive Tax Cuts for Millionaires, Tax Hikes for Middle Class
More evidence of conservative efforts to further shift the tax burden from corporations and the wealthy to middle class and poor families. 

The Public Unwittingly Bankrolls Fox and News Corp, Murdoch Dodges Taxes

News Corp paid zero taxes in two of last four years, on domestic profits of $9.4 billion.

Everyone Has A Stake In US Uncut's Fight

Corporate tax dodgers are robbing state and federal treasuries and exacerbating financial woes, resulting in state layoffs and reduced services and regulatory actions.

US Uncut targets corporate tax dodgers - add Verizon and FedEx to list...

Meet US Uncut - this is a fantastic movement to may corporations pay their taxes - terrific video on the street in NYC and crashing a BOA investor's conference in Boston.

Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill) Introduces Fairness In Taxation Act

Bring Back The Original Wealth Tax - Economic Analysis - Excellent!

Public Sector Workers Do Not Make More Than Private Sector Workers - Economic Analysis

Detailed report on 12 States currently slashing corporate taxes while increasing burden on working families