Sunday, March 20, 2011

News & Analysis of Current Events, March 20, 2011

There's an awful lot to think about these days... 

Lobbyists return to Congress in droves

80% of antibiotics go to farm animals in US - FDA reveals

US Media ignores brutal crackdowns in Bahrain and Yemen

Even in worst case scenario Fukushima radiation threat said to have limited reach - survey of experts from Propublica

Some good news from Costco on seafood sustainability 

Greenpeace airship protest, Koch Brothers: Dirty Money

Eleven states have laws making it illegal to criticize factory farming - Pig Business

WSJ badly misrepresents EPA efforts to curb greenhouse gases

Fox News' Union-busting Crusade

NPR is fair - conservatives and media critics defend NPR's reporting

Six sadistic proposals from state governments

Beyond Austerity - The Myth of Self-Regulating Markets and Neo-Liberalism