Saturday, March 26, 2011

US Uncut's National Day of Protest

US Uncut organized protests in 40 US cities today against corporate tax dodgers. There's a video of a member trying to deposit a $1.5 billion check, the amount BofA should have paid in 2009 and 2010 when they not only paid zero taxes but managed to get a $1 billion refund.

Thousands march in LA to support worker's rights.

The Future Mayor of New York City?

The Democrat from New York does not mince words. Check out the video.

Big Oil's Sleight of Hand

This is an excellent piece that shows that the argument that more domestic drilling will reduce the price of gas is a deception.

A Shabby Crusade In Wisconsin

An editorial condemning the latest tactic employed by conservatives to silence academics who are critical of the GOP agenda, or delve too deeply into their methodology of exercising power. This U of W professor pointed out the disseminating activities of the conservative-funded ALEC, an organization that writes and circulates draft legislation for Republicans in every state capital. In retaliation, the GOP has filed a FOIA request for all of Professor Cronon's emails dealing with the Wisconsin controversy.

You Have The Right To Know About GMOs

The Care2 petition site posts this informative article about the movement to require labels on food that contain Genetically Modified Organisms.

Disclaimer: There's a short ad that plays automatically when you go to the link and, ironically, it's for frozen pancakes that contain GMOs! This link shows that the ingredients contain corn syrup, soy, soy flour and soybean oil, all GMO products.

Why Is Bradley Manning Being Punished Before Trial?

This BBC report is a chilling testament to the mistreatment an American citizen is enduring on US soil. It's a shameful display of the military's contempt for Manning's personal rights and a blatant attempt to intimidate whistleblowers.

The Manning case suggests the US government's continued complicity in torture.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and its Lessons

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire 100 years ago Friday helped bring about workplace protections, and it provided impetus to the emerging US labor union movement. The subsequent struggle of unions secured many of the standards that Americans now take for granted, including the five-day work week, weekends off and the elimination of child labor. 
Triangle Shirtwaist fire: 100 years later, how are unions perceived?
We cannot forget that without the strong voice and political presence of unions the working conditions of working people will continue to deteriorate. We must fight to maintain the rights of labor in the US.

Fed: Household Wealth Plummets 23% in Two Years

This survey begs the question as to why spending cuts are being forced on an economy that is already strapped for disposable income and high unemployment. We needs jobs programs, not tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. The current policies may well make this recession worse, as is happening in Britain.

Indiana Democrats Flee State in Protest of GOP Agenda

In contrast to Wisconsin this action by 39 House Democrats is in opposition to the entire agenda of Republicans in the state legislature, including anti-union measures and the use of public money to finance charter schools. Indiana law requires a quorum for every vote so the GOP there cannot pass laws without the Democrats presence.

Anti-cuts March: Tens of Thousands at London Protest

Over 250,000 are demonstrating in the UK over public sector budget cuts, in the largest protests there since the Iraq War in 2003. 

Germany Nuclear Protest Draws 200,000

People are getting organized around the world and this story demonstrates that many do not believe nuclear power is worth the risks. 

Voices Worldwide Say No More Nuclear Power: Greenpeace provides a summary of international anti-nuclear activity.

More Detail on the Legality of the GOP in Wisconsin Defying a Court Order to Publish Anti-Union Law

There is very little coverage of this turn of events in the mainstream media, but it's a huge issue for the populace. This brief update argues that the restraining order that the GOP bypassed was written in broad terms that seem to make this legal maneuvering moot. Hopefully, this action will soon be declared illegal.

A Long List Of Monsanto's Crimes from Millions Against Monsanto

From Agent Orange to PCBs, rBGH in milk, GE Crops like corn, soy, cotton, sugar beets with patented contamination-prone seeds,  GM Alfalfa, transgenic salmon, the persecution of farmers, poisoning third world, killer weeds and Roundup and water privatization, Monsanto is the scourge of humanity. It will literally take millions of people to derail their quest to genetically engineer the world's food.

Wisconsin GOP Publishes Anti-Union Law In Defiance of Court Order

These guys don't appear to have much respect for the rule of law. Hopefully, this end around tactic will backfire and create an even bigger backlash against the heavy-handed actions of Walker and his anti-labor GOP cronies in the State Assembly.

Here's another report from Daily Kos on this stunning development in the war against labor.

Millions Against Monsanto Right To Know Rally - March 26, 2011

I will be going to the rally tomorrow at City Hall in NYC which begins at noon. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) issued the following statement in support of the Right To Know cause and the rally.

Rep. Kucinich has also introduced Right To Know legislation to create a framework to regulate genetically-engineered organisms, including H.R. 5577, The Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act.