Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult

This is a brilliant analysis of the current political mess in America, painstakingly breaking down the motives behind GOP obstructionism and the Party's cow-towing to wealthy and corporate interests. It's an important document that should be widely distributed if there is any hope that the misinformed public may someday wake up and stand up for their interests and future well-being.

GOP Backs Insurance Industry-Friendly, Anti-Consumer Bills

This piece from PR Watch should come as no surprise to anyone following the increasingly blatant handiwork of Congressional Republican efforts to increase profits for their corporate benefactors at the expense of working Americans. What amazes me is that millions of working class people support a party that explicitly works against their own interests, in this case consumer protections related to healthcare spending. Democrats often cave to corporate influence as well but they are far less brazen in their capitulations.

Medical Societies Maintain Secret Financial Ties to Drug Companies

A short primer on the revolving doors and conflicts of interest that renders the integrity of various medical societies suspect. Emanating from ill-conceived clinical trials and the manipulation of dubious data to promote drug sales, Big Pharma willfully sacrifices public health in the pursuit of massive profits. One need only to look into the case of Vioxx to get a taste of Big Pharma's medicine and what it can do to unsuspecting and trusting patients.