Wednesday, April 6, 2011

60 Minutes Discovers Fraudclosure

This report from Bankster reviews the details of the horrendous scams perpetrated on the public by the mortgage banking industry, and includes a video clip from the broadcast that didn't work for me.

What's Really at Stake With the GOP's Awful Budget Plan and the Coming Government Shutdown

The radical GOP seeks to strip government regulations and enforcement capability in the ultimate privatization and profiteering quest.'s_really_at_stake_with_the_gop's_awful_budget_plan_and_the_coming_government_shutdown/?utm_

Progressives Win in Wisconsin, Thwarting Koch Conservatives -- But Recount Assured

In a stunning victory JoAnne Kloppenburg beat Scott Walker's conservative Supreme Court ally, David Prosser, by only 200 votes. The election is a dramatic referendum on Walker's anti-labor agenda and a powerful demonstration of the impact the people can make when they come together in common cause.,_thwarting_koch_conservatives_--_but_recount_assured/?utm_

Paul Ryan's Absurdly Optimistic Budget Projections Draw Widespread Ridicule

Ryan's (R-WI) 'fact-based budget' is drawing widespread criticism for relying on Heritage Foundation projections that massive cuts in federal spending for social programs and more tax cuts for the wealthy will create $150 billion in annual growth and reduce unemployment to 2.8%.

Too Close to Call In Wisconsin, As Challenger Wrestles Walker Justice to a Virtual Tie

This report from The Nation gives Prosser a slim 585 vote lead and suggests that a recount of the results is virtually guaranteed under Wisconsin law. Considering that Prosser defeated Kloppenburg in the primary by over 30 points a few months ago, this election clearly shows that the tide of opinion has taken a major shift in response to Gov. Walker's anti-labor agenda.

"Scott Walker’s Attorney Says Justice David Prosser Is Vital To Anti-Worker Agenda"
ThinkProgress reports that Kloppenburg has a 309-vote lead in the Supreme Court election.

Wisconsin judicial election testing GOP's power is a nail-biter

Many independent sites are following the Supreme Court election in Wisconsin but the reports are largely in the form of blog updates without the overall context that one looks for in such a crucial election. It's probably fair to say that many of these outlets are trying to parse the status and implications of the results thus far. In the mainstream the NY Times, for example, has not one current update on the election as of 2:07am on April 6. This is not only disappointing to me but shockingly tone deaf or worse, a deliberate effort to downplay the magnitude of the labor rights issue. The LA Times has done some solid reporting on the status of the intense battle for the Supreme Court in Wisconsin, a contest that will impact the national debate on labor rights, as well as the legality of the recent laws passed there that strip public sector workers of collective bargaining rights.,1,2882467.story

A disconcerting detail has emerged that even if Kloppenburg wins this election, the conservative jurist David Prosser would not step down until August. Therefore, it is entirely possible that the Supreme Court in Wisconsin could hear the case against Gov. Walker's union-busting law passed in violation of open-meeting law while the Court still holds a 4-3 conservative-leaning majority. Nonetheless, a victory for the moderate JoAnne Kloppenburg would send a powerful message to those in the GOP who have targeted labor throughout the country.