Labor Rights

In Lawless Fitzwalkerstan: A Constitution Officer Refuses to Bend to a Royal Governor's Dictate
The Secretary of State, Doug LaFollette, restores some of the dignity that once was a hallmark of Wisconsin statehood.

Justice For Sale in Wisconsin

The Citizen's United ruling that allows unlimited contributions from corporation in political races had the effect of overturning a ban on corporate election spending that was enacted back in 1905. Now, the GOP is opening the floodgates to help their conservative candidate win the crucial April 4th election.

New Hampshire Budget Cuts and Union-Busting Protests
Protestor's battle against budget cuts and efforts to bust unions by stripping collective bargaining rights, by storming the vote on legislation. There's a video of that event showing the votes for the bill.

A Shabby Crusade In Wisconsin
An editorial condemning the latest tactic employed by conservatives to silence academics who are critical of the GOP agenda, or delve too deeply into their methodology of exercising power. This U of W professor pointed out the disseminating activities of the conservative-funded ALEC, an organization that writes and circulates draft legislation for Republicans in every state capital. In retaliation, the GOP has filed a FOIA request for all of Professor Cronon's emails dealing with the Wisconsin controversy.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire and its Lessons
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire 100 years ago Friday helped bring about workplace protections, and it provided impetus to the emerging US labor union movement. The subsequent struggle of unions secured many of the standards that Americans now take for granted, including the five-day work week, weekends off and the elimination of child labor. 
Triangle Shirtwaist fire: 100 years later, how are unions perceived?
We cannot forget that without the strong voice and political presence of unions the working conditions of working people will continue to deteriorate. We must fight to maintain the rights of labor in the US.

Indiana Democrats Flee State in Protest of GOP Agenda

In contrast to Wisconsin this action by 39 House Democrats is in opposition to the entire agenda of Republicans in the state legislature, including anti-union measures and the use of public money to finance charter schools. Indiana law requires a quorum for every vote so the GOP there cannot pass laws without the Democrats presence.

Anti-cuts March: Tens of Thousands at London Protest
Over 250,000 are demonstrating in the UK over public sector budget cuts, in the largest protests there since the Iraq War in 2003. 

More Detail on the Legality of the GOP in Wisconsin Defying a Court Order to Publish Anti-Union Law
There is very little coverage of this turn of events in the mainstream media, but it's a huge issue for the populace. This brief update argues that the restraining order that the GOP bypassed was written in broad terms that seem to make this legal maneuvering moot. Hopefully, this action will soon be declared illegal.

Wisconsin GOP Publishes Anti-Union Law
In Defiance of Court Order

These guys don't appear to have much respect for the rule of law. Hopefully, this end around tactic will backfire and create an even bigger backlash against the heavy-handed actions of Walker and his anti-labor GOP cronies in the State Assembly.

Here's another report from Daily Kos on this stunning development in the war against labor.

Corporate Interests Try to Split American Workers for Political and Economic Gain

The attack on public sector workers continues as corporate interests, such as the Koch front group Americans for Prosperity, fund campaigns designed to undermine support of union workers. The effort is dually motivated; to weaken union support of Democrats in elections, and to open the door for more privatization of services. There's a fascinating section about the 'divide and conquer' strategies developed by Philip Morris back in 1996, when they set out to weaken collective opposition and fomenting infighting by "enhancing internal conflicts" between the American Lung, Cancer and Heart Associations.

Have You No Decency, Scott Walker?
The Wisconsin GOP is conducting a witch hunt against a highly regarded university professor, William Cronon, who speculated in a blog post that the conservative group ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) might be behind the legislative assault on worker's collective bargaining rights. The GOP is using Open Records Law to request all of Cronon's email communications in an attack designed to silence his criticisms and intimidate others that may join the debate. 

More on this story from Daily Kos...

...and Professor Cronon's blog, "Scholar as Citizen."

Buried Provision in House GOP Bill Would Cut Off Food Stamps If One Family Member Strikes

42 million Americans are on Food Stamps as this banker-induced recession continues. The GOP is using a stealth maneuver to further limit workers rights in a new bill.

That's "Chief Justice Bitch"

This is a follow-up to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court election to be held on April 4. Gov. Walker's conservative ally David Prosser on the court is up for re-election and appears to be not only intemperate but also serves as an ideological rubber stamp to the Governor's anti-labor anti-middle class agenda. It's hugely important that they replace this judge on the State Supreme Court panel with all manner of legal challenges important to working people slated to come before the court.

Prosser and other conservatives on Wisconsin court let lobbyists write judicial ethics laws. Specifically, this law allows justices to hear cases when one of the litigants have contributed to their election campaigns.

Indiana Prosecutor Suggested Walker Stage A False Attack Against Him To Discredit Wisconsin Unions
Another disturbing report of reckless GOP activity in America's heartland. In another case the Indiana Deputy Attorney General suggested that Gov. Walker use live ammunition on the Wisconsin protesters.These guys are wacko...

Wisconsin Update from a Local Activist

"We're Still Winning in Wisconsin" post from Daily Kos provides a detailed review of all activities and electoral objectives with regard to combatting GOP extremism in the state.

Wisconsin Republicans Believe Their Actions are "Immune" to Court Decisions

These Republicans have forgotten everything that their predecessors stood represented. They are shameful, cold-hearted and enslaved by their allegiance to radical pro-bsiness ideology.

Echoes of McCarthyism in Wisconsin

NJ Gov. Christie, privatization and fuzzy math...

Working class Republican support in Wisconsin, ramifications for GOP

Ed Schultz on Wisconsin

Lee Fang on Koch's and Americans for Prosperity efforts to support Walker's union bashing in Wisconsin

I have been taking great interest in the Wisconsin controversy in which the Governor has been trying to strip public sector unions of their collective bargaining right, and had found the Times' coverage lacking and inconsistent...

Wisconsin Power Play

Paul Krugman of the NYT speaks to the public's interest from his economics chair.

Organizing in Wisconsin

Conservatives behind in Wisconsin recall battle

Chris Hayes Breakdown on Obama and labor -audio

Dennis Kucinich (Rep-D Ohio) on the labor battle - video

Main, New Hampshire and Missouri jump on the anti-labor kick, Koch brothers hands seen

Public Sector Workers Do Not Make More Than Private Sector Workers - Economic Analysis

Naomi Klein on GOP Shock Doctrine with Rachel Maddow

The New York Times' Wisconsin coverage has been inadequate, at best. Here are a few stories that shed more light on the rightwing attempt to strip organized labor and working families of their collective bargaining rights and political power. It's a bald-faced play to further weaken the middle class in this country and it has major implications for the next election and the future of the country.