Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Peru's capital declares itself a GMO-free zone

The city of Lima, Peru has declared itself a GMO-free zone after the legislature passed a 10-year moratorium on the import of GMOs in foods and seeds. Unfortunately, we're a long way from such action in the US but this Peruvian action is inspiring and hopeful nonetheless.

Which Countries Have Banned GMOs?


  1. COngratulations Peru'! You are free from the tyranny of the biotech industry! Be vigilant and guard your crops.
    Peru' is GMO FRee!

  2. Hey, Anonymous. What do you know about the transparency group that shares your name? I'd love to see some damaging revelations come out about the biotech players, their strategies, studies and future plans. Also, I've been on a 50% plus raw food diet for about three weeks and really like it. I'm blown away by the dramatic scientific evidence of the health benefits of raw food diets and the ability to reverse heart disease and cancer among many other health issues by cutting out refined foods and animal products. It's truly amazing and, I think, one of the greatest scandals of our age that this information is largely kept from the public.