Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chris Christie: $6,000 a year is too much income to qualify for Medicaid

This guy, the governor of New Jersey, is turning out to be a heartless buffoon and a supreme jerk as he brutally slashes state spending for the working class while pushing tax cuts for the rich and powerful. He's a full-fledged member of the new class of extremist Republican governors, such as Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Rick Snyder of Michigan, Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, Mitch Daniels of Indiana, John Kasich of Ohio, Rick Scott in Florida and Paul LePage of Maine whose approval ratings are in the toilet as they continue to attack working people of all stripes.$6,000-a-year-is-too-much-income-to-qualify-for-Medicaid?utm

The Bank Lobby Steps Up Its Attack on Elizabeth Warren

In their attacks on Elizabeth Warren and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau the GOP equates the defense of liberty with a lawless banking industry that preys on unsuspecting and vulnerable consumers. How can there be so much opposition to the common sense reform represented by the CFPB that seeks to ensure that the American people get a fair shake?

States fight back against nuclear power, even as the feds remain in its thrall

Despite the cosiness of both Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the Obama Administration to the nuclear power industry, several states are taking action to close existing plants and canceling plans to build new ones. Grist offers this update as part of an ongoing series of stories.

Psych drug doctors now pushing to add lithium to drinking water

This is a disturbing report on plans in some circles to add lithium to public water supplies in an effort to "cultivate a more serene social order.' We already have flouride in our drinking water, a practice that was pioneered by the Nazis, which is also intended to have a calming effect on the public. Flouride is the chief ingredient in the psychiatric drug Prozac.

Support Effort to Block GE Potato Planting by Signing Petition

Through a secretive process based on shoddy studies the Swedish government has approved the illicit planting of Amflora, a genetically modified potato, in violation of current EU law. Though petitions may not have the impact one would hope for, and the Greenpeace goal of 3000 seems ridiculously small, it still seems worthwhile to sign. In any event, it's good, if not heartening, to know what's going on and this article provides an important update.

Corporate Conflicts on the board of the Organic Trade Association

This short video details that the board of the OTA has not one out of the 14,000 small organic farms on it, but rather is dominated by individuals with strong financial and professional ties to conventional genetically engineered factory food multinationals. The association has failed to make GMO labeling a legislative priority and is de-incentivized to support the very policy that is key to protecting and strengthening the organic food industry. Over thirty nations have banned GMOs or required labeling of GMOs because of widespread concerns over the health impact of these food products.

An Average CEO At America’s Big Corporations Earns 200 Times The Salary Of A Navy SEAL

This piece points out the absurd compensation levels for CEOs, now making 343 times the average workers salary from only 28 times in 1970.

HAARP and the Japanese earthquake

I've only recently gotten hip to HAARP, a US high-frequency technology described by the European Parliament as a "weapons system that disrupts the climate," and learned that it is capable of triggering seismic events and may have been responsible for the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.