Friday, May 6, 2011

European Union to investigate net-neutrality concerns

We all will be affected by Net Neutrality laws in the US and need to stay informed on these issues. Once a tiered service approach is adopted then the voices of the lay public will be muted and the corporate-financed bullhorn will rule the day. It's going to be yet another battle worth fighting for citizens, small businesses and consumers who have been manipulated for so long by commercial interests.

Don't Be Duped by the Sewage Sludge Industry's "Compost"

Groups like Kellogg Garden Products are masquerading as green business by promoting "compost" that is made up of big city sewage sludge containing all sort of chemical and bacterial contamination. In LA recently this "compost" from industrial and human waste was being heralded as part of the organic school garden initiative there.

GOP House Blocks Bid To Name Elizabeth Warren Head Of The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The GOP is desperately trying to weaken the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and wants to replace a single head to the bureau with a five person oversight panel, among other tactics designed to curtail its ability to enact reforms that truly benefit consumers and their pocketbooks.

Here's another story on these developments from CitizenVox, an arm of Public Citizen. This story includes a link to sign a petition that now has over 26,000 signatures, asking Obama to appoint Warren to the post.