Sunday, April 17, 2011

Michael Dell: The Making of an American Oligarch

The Dell model of capitalism pursues profit at the expense of American jobs and the strength of the country's economy. This sort of business model is a very bad deal indeed for the American people and must be actively combatted by citizens and the representatives in government.

Another Look at the Evidence on Soy

Civil Eats delivers a detailed report on the safety of soy products, including those containing hexane, on human health. The story concludes that Soy has many health benefits but that products containing hexane can be dangerous. However, factory farming practices involving Soy production are destructive to both the environment and health as the animated Detective Pig clip in the second link highlights.

Detective pig investigates the sad truth behind the production of ‘Responsible’ labeled soy. Deforestation and toxic chemicals are destroying South America to grow the [GM] soy that feeds Europe’s factory farm animals.

GOP Spreads Corporate Tax Disinformation, America Fights Back

The Yes Men and US Uncut continue to mount actions against corporate tax dodgers around the country. This story highlights the recent hoax perpetrated by the Yes Men against GE that resulted in a story that the largest US company had decided to pay back a $3.2 billion tax credit to the Treasury. Included is a video of flash mob performance art protests against Bank of America and a CNN feature on the groups efforts to pressure large corporations to pay their fair share of taxes. The next day of action planned across the US is April 18.

Here is a link listing over 100 US cities planning actions against corporate tax dodgers tomorrow, April 18. I will be joining what I hope will be a large turnout at the main James Farley US Post Office at 5pm to support this action. It's on 32nd and 8th right across the street from MSG.

12 Banks and Oil and Coal Companies are responsible for foreclosing on millions of American and for polluting our air, water and climate at the same time that they starve the Treasury by refusing to pay taxes on record profits.
"The "Dirty Dozen" Corporate Tax Dodgers"

Letter to the Ruling Class - From Former Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura

This call to action by Jesse Ventura beautifully summarizes the crisis we are experiencing in the country today. He says "We Ain't Got Time to Bleed," and I agree it's time to step into the ring and fight for what we believe in, and strengthen the democracy that so many of us cherish.

Ode to Monsanto

This is a great musical video "Ode to Monsanto" calling for us all to say, "Hell no, GMO!" The video was a little choppy for me but I thought it was great and inspiring.

Lawmakers tackle persistent chemicals - yay!

The bill introduced is a small step in the right direction. We need to much more to reduce the healths risks that we all face in this country from chemical exposure. The US has the highest rates of cancer in the world and it's because of all the toxic waste and chemicals that we are exposed to through the recklessness of under-regulated industry and the acquiescence of their friends in Congress.

An example of the hurdles we face in safely regulating the chemical industry is detailed in this Greenpeace story.
Rep. Lungren's Bill is a Rubber Stamp for the Chemical Lobby

Badgers Drown Out Mama Grizzly - Protestors Disrupt Palin Rally in Wisconsin

People are standing up for themselves in Wisconsin, every day as they combat Walker's union-busting, mobilize recall efforts against the GOP, and fend off propaganda efforts funded by the Koch brothers and their conservative pals. This story gives more voice to the Tea Party talking points than I would like to read but it also shows that the AFP gang was outnumbered by ordinary Wisconsin citizens.

Winter Soldiers Outshine Sunshine Patriots as Palin's Madison Rally Is Overwhelmed by Protest Crowd

Progressive Lawmakers Warn A ‘Significant Portion’ Of Gas Prices Is Due To Speculation, Call For Crack Down

We need to crack down on the speculators who hoard oil and manipulate prices to maximize their profits at public expense. Watch an excellent story on the need to regulate oil speculation from the Ed Show.

Assange praises Indian newspaper's use of WikiLeaks disclosures

This story illustrates the power of transparency, effected by the mass release of government documents by WikiLeaks, in revealing corruption and lies by public officials.

Big Ohio news: SB 5 repeal petition approved, signature gathering can begin

A bill to repeal Ohio's anti-worker law SB-5, that stripped public sector workers including firefighters and police of most collective bargaining rights, is moving forward.,-signature-gathering-can-begin?utm_