Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Women’s Groups Call on Judge to Step Down Pending Investigation into Choking Incident

I'd love to see this intolerant, misogynist, controversial and conservative member of the Wisconsin State Supreme Court step down while his actions are being investigated. Don't count on him doing so on his own though - there's too much at stake in Wisconsin politics, and he's too much of a political animal, for Prosser to go down quietly. Beware of the spin on this case as Prosser and his friends in the media are already mounting a "blame the victim" campaign.’s-groups-call-judge-step-down-pending-investigation-choking-incident

Cuomo's no liberal lion

Despite legalizing gay marriage in New York and his opposition to the Indian Point nuclear power plant, Governor Cuomo has coddled Wall Street, the oil and gas industry and other corporate interests at the expense of ordinary citizens, according to David Sirota.

In One of His First Public Appearances Since Arrest, Julian Assange Explains How WikiLeaks Has Turned World Politics Upside Down

Amy Goodman recently moderated a discussion between the persecuted Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and the Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj Zizek,  covering a wide range of issues related to transparency issues, whistleblowers and Assange's house arrest and other legal issues. The founder of WikiLeaks has not been charged with a crime in any country but nonetheless has had to fight extradition for questioning in a peculiar Swedish case. This is a fascinating discussion of perhaps the most critical issue facing humanity today; the battle between the proponents of secrecy, most often used to suppress politically sensitive details of governance, with those who fight to protect the right to publish information about the state's actions with or without its approval. As you will see in this piece, information matters.,_julian_assange_explains_how_wikileaks_has_turned_world_politics_upside_down/?utm

Full Video of Assange/Zizek Interview from Democracy Now!

WikiLeaks News and Views from Greg Mitchell at The Nation