Sunday, June 12, 2011

When Food Kills

This is an important piece pointing out the origins of many deadly antibiotic-resistant strains of E coli. bacteria, factory farm animals systematically treated with antibiotics. Eighty percent of antibiotics used in the US go to livestock living in CAFOs under unsanitary and cramped conditions, and over 325,000 Americans are hospitalized and 5,000 die from food-borne illnesses.

This Week in the War on Women

This Daily Kos weekly update is a harsh reminder of the persistent and twisted persecution that women face in many states around the country. It's enough to take your breath away and all of these events and legislative indignities are occurring in the United States of America.

Fukushima Already Ten Times Worse than Chernobyl in Ocean Waters, According to Data

An alarming report on the severity of radiation contamination of the ocean from the out-of-control nuclear melt-throughs of three reactors at Fukushima. The impact of the radiation release on ocean life is uncertain at the moment, but it can't be good. Meanwhile, radiation levels in milk and vegetables in the US are elevated due to this catastrophe but there is little mainstream coverage of the issue these days.

Protests Challenge Japan's Use of Nuclear Power

Hell and High Water: As wildfires and floods ravage the country, Masters says, “We Have Never Seen a Year Like This Before”

ClimateProgress presents compelling evidence that the recent spate of extreme weather is the result of global warming that has raised sea levels and increased capacity of clouds to store and release water, thereby causing severe droughts and massive flooding .  

Companies like Mattel are still pushing Sumatran tigers to the brink through deforestation

The destruction of rainforest contributes mightily to global warming by burning carbon in the clearing process and eliminating carbon consuming plant life. Wildlife habitats are also destroyed and tremendous amounts of pollution are created. Greenpeace recently mounted an action action Mattel because the paper used in their Barbie packaging comes from Indonesian rainforests that are critical to maintain. Check out their hilarious video from Ken & Barbie of this dramatic action.