Monday, June 6, 2011

Is American law enforcement colluding with Cisco?

There is a Supreme Court in Canada that believes in the unfettered rule of law, and has slapped down the US government's attempt to railroad a former Cisco exec turned whistleblower. Our democracy has become corporatism and there is increasingly evidence that the country is morphing into a Corporate Police State. Where are the heros we need in America to fight this battle and tell it like it is to the powerful and unscrupulous when they trample the law?

Judge Blasts Cisco's "Unmitigated Gall" in Ex-Exec's Arrest

Canada Blocks Extradition of Cisco Suspect


A short and sour recap from the New Yorker on Obama's record on climate change since he took office, and a call for him to do the right thing now before it's too late.

The New Yorker Slams Oil-Centric Obama For Letting The Planet Burn

Weiner Confesses, Will Not Resign - Video of Press Conference

I'm embarrassed to admit that I only discovered the combative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) a few months ago despite the fact that he is a six-term congressman from NYC where I live. Nonetheless, I admired his forceful advocacy of issues that I believe are critical to the country. So, naturally, I was dismayed to learn of the mess he got into this week and his apparent dalliances with the truth. Well, Anthony Weiner just came clean a few minutes ago in a heartfelt and sincere statement to the press in which he said he would not resign. Good. Let's get past this major mistake and the Rep's admission of other inappropriate online or phone contacts with women over the past six years, and get back to fighting for the interests of the nation's people.

Forensic Evidence Emerges That European E coli. Superbug Was Engineered

Okay, I'll admit to having my doubts when the reports came out that an extremely rare and deadly E coli. contamination had sprung from an organic farm in Spain. The Spanish had no incidence of E coli. infections while the bug was spreading through Germany and had infected over 700 and killed 22 people. Spain was later exonerated but enormous damage was done to its organic farmers and the reputation of the industry. I was also worried about the possibility of deliberate contamination but didn't want to voice my concerns because it was speculative and might be taken as paranoid. Now, after reading this piece, there is scientific evidence from a reliable source that this new bug is resistant to 8 classes of antibiotics and 14 different antibiotic drugs. The article steps through the science involved in what it takes to make E coli. antibiotic resistant and concludes that it is highly unlikely that this outbreak of E coli. developed its terrifying resistance to antibiotics as a happenstance event of nature. Most of the mainstream is not talking about the critical issue: how did the 0104 E coli. develop its antibiotic-resistant characteristics? Where did these killer microbes come from?

German E coli. Outbreak Caused by Previously Unknown Strain

E Coli. Outbreak: Bean Sprouts May Not Be To Blame

The Next E coli. Outbreak

It's hard to believe that deadly the Jack-in-the-Box E coli. outbreak in the US was all the way back in 1993. That event sickened over 750 children and resulted in four deaths while alerting the public because of massive news coverage that dangerous E coli. bacteria was commonly found in US meat products. As a result, that deadly strain of E coli. was declared an adulterant in food and regular testing was instituted to prevent a recurrence. Yet, since then, six new deadly E coli. strands have been identified by our government that we do not test for at all.

Scientists Reverse Stance on Sun and Cancer: They Now Admit That Sunlight Can Help Prevent Skin Cancer

I never got caught up in all the hysteria about exposure to sunlight and rarely use sunscreen when I'm out and only a bit when I'll be on the beach for a good stretch trying to catch a fish. By chance, I recently got a thumbs up from a skin doc at a free clinic. Now, it turns out that scientists have determined that sunlight is an important source of vitamin D, which protects against skin cancer as well as osteoporosis, prostate, bowel, cervical cancers and rickets. So, lighten up on the sunscreen and go for natural products if you can to avoid the chemicals in most sunscreen products.