Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Neverdamnending Story

Daily Kos muses on the state of the Republic and while things are, indeed, a tad depressing, I still believe it is incumbent on all of us who care about the country we live in and the prospects for the future to stand up and fight for social justice before it's too late.

“Crappy Headline” Ruins New York Times Story on Link Between Climate Change and Extreme Weather

This post points out that the extreme weather we saw in April is, in fact, related to global warming, and backs up this assertion with comments from prominent climate scientists and other references while taking the NYT to task for a dangerously misleading headline.

Good story, crappy headline:
Scientists See More Deadly Weather, But Dispute The Cause

Midwest floods heighten nuclear power plant crisis

I was unaware of this situation at Fort Calhoun until a friend mentioned it this morning. We don't know if there is radiation escaping from the site already and the government is not eager to provide this information in any case. The plant recently received a twenty-year extension from the NRC despite structural shortcomings, and there are now serious questions as to whether the overloaded spent fuel rod pools there are contaminating flood waters that surround the facility. We've really got to find a way to wind down our active nuclear reactors and stop industry from building new reactors with 100% federal government subsidies.

Privatization At The Heart Of Divisive Battles In Wisconsin

The name of the GOP game in government these days is privatization. It is a game in which corporations seek to play with public money to provide services traditionally delivered by the public sector. There are very few cases, if any, in which privatization has benefited the public interest, whether measured in terms of cost or services provided. In Wisconsin, public outcry led the Walker administration to remove a provision to sell state power plants in no-bid deals without public comment, but the Fitzwalkerstan gang is still pushing the privatization agenda hard.

The Truth About The Economy In 2 Minutes

Robert Reich deconstructs the income and wealth numbers of the American economy over the past thirty years and concludes that there cannot be a strong recovery without a more robust middle class.;facebook