Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Forgotten Millions

Paul Krugman wonders why all of the talk is about cutting the deficit rather than creating jobs. He calls it Herbert Hoover economics.

A Short History of Conservative Voter Suppression Tactics

ThinkProgress reports on the history of poll taxes and voter ID laws designed to suppress turnout at the polls, and current efforts taking place in 22 states.

Billionaire Self-Pity and the Koch Brothers

Glenn Greenwald on the Koch brothers as a symbol of the death of American democratic values.

The WikiLeaks News and Views Update

Roundup of developments and resources related to ongoing WikiLeaks controversies.

New Hampshire Budget Cuts and Union-Busting Protests

Protestor's battle against budget cuts and efforts to bust unions by stripping collective bargaining rights, by storming the vote on legislation. There's a video of that event showing the votes for the bill.

Seismologist Warnings of Tsunami Risk to Fukushima Nuclear Plant Ignored by Tokyo Electric

Private industry and weak government regulators cannot be trusted with something as destructive as nuclear energy and its deadly waste products.

Low-level radiation found in Massachusetts rainwater.

Court Allows Constitutional Challenge to New FISA Law

Warrantless surveillance, Obama's campaign lies, and the ACLU's revitalized legal challenge.

ADHD: It's the Food, Stupid!

A ground-breaking study reported in The Lancet shows that food is the biggest causes of ADHD for 64% of patients. This is good news for families that want to avoid the serious side effects of drugs like Ritalin. This study was only reports by one mainstream media outlet...’s-the-food-stupid/

What the Right Means When it Calls NPR 'Liberal'

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship debunk the claim that NPR is the left-wing opposite of the right-wing media machine. In fact, NPR is committed to an independent and balanced representation of the news. The Right is all about propaganda and misinformation. New word here, 'agnotology,' and it's a beauty.

Five Fun Facts About the $14 Trillion National Debt

Republicans leave more debt than Democratics because of persistent tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations they've pushed through over the years. China owns only 10% of our debt. We are still paying for Vietnam and other wars. Don't believe the GOP rhetoric about fiscal responsibility - it's a code for corporate handouts and marginalizing the working class.$14_trillion_national_debt/?utm_

It's Time to Question Bioengineering

The video is from the TedTalk site which I recently discovered and it presents a chilling view of the future if the bioengineering industry cannot be reined in.  It appears that transgenic salmon is only the tip of the iceberg.

"Shared Sacrifice" Is Rhetoric for Regressive Taxes in Michigan

Budget cuts throughout the nation purport to be about everybody pitching in to get out of the crisis, but it's really about business as usual. This means cutting services for people while maintaining massive corporate subsidies, allowing corporations to avoid their rightful tax burden, tax cuts for the wealthiest and, yes, incremental tax increases for the poor and middle class.

Here's a piece from The Nation that explores the ongoing class war against the poor in general, and African-Americans in particular, that is fueled by budget cuts and the reduction of social programs around the country.