Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What the Union Fight is Really About: Defunding the Left

Wedge politics, "starve the beast" strategies, budget attacks and the war on unions are all GOP strategies designed to weaken the voice of the public and compromise the ability of the Left and the Democratic party to affect change.

Obama's "bad negotiating" is actually shrewd negotiating

I think Greenwald is, unfortunately, spot-on with his analysis of the Obama Administration's budget actions that seem to conflict so drastically with his 2008 campaign promises. It's all about getting re-elected and not about changing the way Washington goes about its business.

Activists travel to Albany to speak out against hydrofracking

Though it may be an inconvenient drag for all of us, I believe that the only way to effectively combat threats to public health posed by industrial recklessly, currently occurring on a massive scale in the hydrofracturing push for natural gas, is massive and sustained activism and opposition by the public. We have to find a way to realize our true numbers and leverage this pressure in the political process.

Europe takes step towards ban on genetically modified crops

An update on legal aspects of efforts to ban and regulate GM crops in Europe. The relentless assault on existing and proposed regulations by the American-dominated biotech industry aggressively seeks to undermine these efforts on the continent, just as it does here at home in the US.
"The committee also agreed that if these rules fail, governments should ensure that those responsible for the contamination pay damages. The “polluter pays” principle applied to agriculture. The committee also agreed that biotech companies should finally open up their products to independent research into the environmental and health risks of GM crops."

Irish call for moratorium on GM crops

The battle against transgenic seeds and food products is truly of a global nature. While we struggle to gain critical mass in our organizational attempts to halt GM crop production and label all foods containing GMOs, it is good to know that others around the world are fighting, and in some cases winning, similar battles. Now, the Irish are fighting to stem the biotech tide in Ireland.

Paul Ryan's Health Industry Ties, Barack Obama's Bundlers and More in Capital Eye Opener: April 8

OpenSecrets reports on several important issues including a vote in Wisconsin that passed by 78% in Dane County to amend the Constitution so that only a human being can be entitled to a Constitutional right. "Move to Amend" is an attempt to overturn the US Supreme Court's Citizen's United ruling in which corporations were granted the status of individuals in political campaigns, allowing unlimited financial influence in elections throughout the country. The proposed 28th Amendment could be an enormously important tool in combatting the excessive power exercised by corporations in America today.

Pa.’s New Jobs Czar Fought Enviro Regs for Years

The new Republican Governor in PA is aggressively pursuing a pro-natural gas agenda and willfully seeking to circumvent EPA and statewide environmental regulations designed to protect public health and the safety of water supplies.

U.S. subsidizes Brazilian cotton to protect Monsanto's profits

This is an interesting case involving the WTO and the battle over intellectual property rights related to genetically engineered seeds.

"Brazil then asked the WTO for permission to retaliate against the U.S. by imposing trade sanctions. The WTO decided that Brazil was entitled to impose 100-percent tariffs on over 100 different goods of U.S. origin. Even more importantly, however, Brazil was entitled to suspend intellectual property rights for U.S. companies, including patent protections on genetically engineered seeds."

The fight that just won't die

A lengthy and nuanced story about the clash between Hoover and FDR that remains a flashpoint in American politics today.

Union supporters regroup after stunning election reversal

I really believe there needs to be more concern about the anti-labor actions taking place all over the country. Wisconsin is energized and more and more people need to fight in some ways for the rights of labor, we will all benefit in the long run if we stand up now.

The BioPirates of Science: Genetic Engineering – Science or Hoax?

A great piece examining the unscientific, random methods used in bio-engineering, a lack of accreditation from its practitioners, a hand in hand relationship with USDA, and the utter lack of risk assessment testing by Monsanto and other biotechs. Farm Wars provides detailed depth into the risks associated with the use of Cauliflower Mosaic Virus Promoter in transgenic crops, and many other dangerous aspects of GMOs.

Separate Shelves for GM Foods is Now Law - in Cyprus