Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fukushima in Our Food: Low Levels of Radiation Detected in U.S. Milk, Fruit and Vegetable Samples

As the horrors of the Fukushima nuclear disaster continue to fade from media coverage, it's important that we continue to follow the story and get as much information about the crisis as possible. This disaster affects us all. In America, we should be all asking ourselves whether or not nuclear energy is worth the risks that it poses to huge populations should we experience a catastrophe on the scale of Fukushima. I do not believe nuclear energy is worth the risk. Germany recently decided to abandon plans to build new nuclear plants and has scheduled the retirement of their existing nuclear power plants by 2022. I pray that we can somehow do the same here in the US but there are a lot of vested interests in government and industry pushing recklessly for new nuclear capacity as a clean energy alternative. Yet, the risk is so great that every nuclear project has to have 100% government subsidies because the private sector won't touch it otherwise. The public bears the cost and industry pockets the profit, in part by skimping on maintenance and practical planning to save money. It's bullshit. This story provides a detailed update on the issues facing the Fukushima reactors that are still spewing radiation in a meltdown state, as well as information on the worldwide spread of all the radiation being released.

FDA Targets Supplement Manufacturers Falsely Accusing Them of Selling Drugs

I am becoming increasingly incensed by the conduct of the FDA in subverting natural supplements and herbal health remedies in their baldfaced effort to support the pharmaceutical industry. Natural remedies are extremely effective and have been used to cure cancer in thousands of patients. I, personally, was diagnosed with Uveitis, a swelling of the Uvea that resulted from a auto-immune reaction, and the doctors at the Eye & Ear Institute ultimately wanted to put me on Prednisone to knock out the swelling. This is a heavy-duty steroid and I did not want to take it for six weeks unless there was no other recourse. I went to my acupuncturist and received a treatment from him and chinese medicinal herbs, and the problem was gone in a few days. That made a believer out of me and the more research I do the more convinced I become that diet and herbs are a key to fighting disease. Watch Food Matters for more good information on these issues. The persecution of the natural health industry has got to stop or we will all be left with only pharmaceutical remedies to treat illness. Oh, did I mention that all the shit that's in our food supply contributes mightily to disease in this country? Well, it's undeniably true and the diabetes epidemic (not to mention cancer) is a good place to start looking to verify the substance of that statement. The Free Speech About Science Act is an attempt to remedy the government's bias against natural health alternatives.

Here's a link to modify a letter in support of the Free Speech About Science Act 

GOP Obstructionism Reaches New Heights

The smallest percentage of judicial nominees have been confirmed for Obama of any American presidency. The Republicans recently filibustered to defeat the nomination of Goodwin Liu, a Berkeley Law Professor known to be one of the sharpest constitutional lawyers in the country, after promising in 2005 not to use such filibusters unless there were "extraordinary circumstances."

Geithner and Goldman: Thick As Thieves

Robert Sheer recounts some of the secret and highly unusual special treatment provided to Goldman Sachs, first at President of the NY Federal Bank and then as Treasury Secretary.