Monday, August 8, 2011

Handicapping the Wisconsin Recall Elections

Mother Jones handicaps the Wisconsin GOP recall elections that will take place tomorrow. The Dems need to win three seats, and defend their own candidates recall elections net week, to regain control of the Wisconsin State Assembly and slow down the anti-labor forces of the Walker Administration. I'm excited to see how this all turns out and am hopeful for a resounding victory for the people of the state. Watch out for election fraud and dirty tricks on Tuesday...

A more detailed analysis by AlterNet on the recalls. It turns out that one Democrat has already successfully defended his seat in an election. Tuesday could become a monumental day in United States history, and demonstrate that the foundation of our democracy still has some kick left.'s_recall_elections/?utm

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  1. Makes me wonder what the Kochs and company will do next. These are terrorists we are dealing with, after all; I wouldn't put it past them to be so desperate that they decide to implement terrorist attacks on key election offices. These people are psychotic, and they will do anything to win.