Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The GOP's 2012 Campaign Plan: Disqualify Eligible Voters

This AlterNet feature story recounts a sad but recurring theme in GOP politics: the aggressive legal (and illegal) efforts on behalf of the Party to reduce turnout and disqualify American votes in order to gain political power. It's a dishonest tactic and it's been done time and time again, in Florida in 2000 and in Ohio in 2004 to name only the most recent examples. The bottom line is that the Republican agenda does not resonate with the general public, particularly in poor and ethnic communities, and because of this they always work through dubious legal and legislative channels to restrain the ability of these eligible voters to cast their votes. In 2004 this was blatantly demonstrated in Ohio when the Republican Secretary of State (who was also Bush's state campaign manager) reduced the number of voting machines in democratic-leaning districts of Cleveland and certain college campuses resulting in lines where voters, in America, had to wait 8-14 hours to cast a vote. I'm still pissed off about this and contend that such actions were treasonous and a clear violation of voting rights, yet the mainstream media barely covered the story at all. We should not allow these malicious maneuvers to disrupt and distort the core essence of democratic governance this time around. 

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